Movie Review Kaccha Limbu


Movie Review Kaccha Limbu

Movie Review Kaccha Limbu

Movie Review Kaccha Limbu : As so much as titles go, Kaccha Limbu is Associate in Nursing odd one. It suggests humour, however this can be a heavy and a deeply disturbing film. The trailer of Kaccha Limbu reveals that it powerfully resembles Natigoti, the extremely acclaimed Mahratti play by Jaywant Dalvi. Both, the play and therefore the film, tailored here by Chinmay Mandlekar, square measure supported Dalvi’s novel Runanubandh. The story centres on the tragic lifetime of the Katdare family, whose members square measure disconnected from one another and society.

The film is ready in Bombay of the ’80s, throughout the amount once Mumbai’s original residents were pushed to the outer suburbs; a time while not cable TV, computers, and cellphones — a far less complicated life, out of the question to this generation. adult male Katdare (Jadhav) works the nightshift within the telegraph workplace and spends the daytime hours as a contract employee. Mrs Katdare works a nine to five job and returns home simply in time to ascertain her husband leave for work. the {only|the only real} purpose of their laborious life is to line up a fund for his or her only son, Bacchu (Pem), WHO is intellectually disabled and conjointly terribly big-built and troublesome to worry for. The family receives facilitate for managing their troublesome state of affairs from adult male Pandit (Khedekar), Mrs Katdare’s boss, WHO may be a pleasant man with unclear motives.

The film, a remorseless portrayal of Katdare family’s harsh life, makes America wince on over one occasion. though the film is dark, it’s not tearful — the robust characterisation ensures that it doesn’t grow to be that. The film’s characters think of their lives as a struggle, and although handled a weak hand, they show no signs of leaving behind.

Brilliantly shot in black & white by Amalendu Choudhary, the color tone dead suits the gray reminder the film’s plot line. It conjointly underlines the darker realities of the characters. The selective use of color represents their forgotten hopes and dreams.

The noted movie maker, Ravi Jadhav, plays the lead role, of adult male Katdare — Associate in Nursing uncommon selection considering that he has not professionally acted before this, and he essays the role that was brightly vie onstage by the senior actor, Dilip Prabhavalkar. employing a firsttimer for the role was a calculated risk taken by director Prasad Oak, himself a known actor, leading for the primary time. The gamble has paid off. Even once Jadhav is weak in dialogue delivery, moving some key moments within the film, his overall presence is incredibly convincing and notable. Sonali Kulkarni, WHO has been performing some mediocre films latterly, is back in type here, and she or he is that the strongest member of a awfully sensible forged. Manmeet Pem’s role as Bacchu is expectedly dramatic and challenging, however he performs it well. The character of Pandit was, in person speaking, ne’er convincing, and though Sachin Khedekar plays it further because it is vie, there’s a false ring to that. it’s not the actor’s fault; the character is such.

Kaccha Limbu ends on a positive note, slightly totally different from the play, however this can be the proper approach. To Associate in Nursing extent, reflects the modification in social group attitudes towards mental disabilities, that has solely recently taken place. At a similar time, it uplifts the viewer and offers the proper context for the dark film

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Movie Review Kaccha Limbu
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